Season 2012-2013 Preview

I am not counting our win against Brentford as the start of our season because I was still watching the Olympics and got caught by surprise.What did I see? Never you mind, young man. Oh go on then, I will tell you. I saw tennis, football, judo, boxing, hockey, weightlifting, athletics and wrestling. At the venues as well, not just in front of the gogglebox.

What I witnessed here meant that the chase for new players completely passed me by. What I didn’t miss was that we sold my top 3 players of last season (Smith, Sadler, Nicholls) and our joint top scorer, Macken. We have got Cuvelier though for the beginning part of the season, which is a happy surprise. The rest of the players we bought I haven’t got a Scooby about and anyone who does tell you they know is a liar as the majority of them, except Holden, are just young pups.

This time last year I predicted a comfortable mid-table finish and a cup run. I was wrong. This year I plump for a relatively comfortable 17th place finish for no other reason than us having the Flo man. When he has gone who knows what will happen?

Alan Buckley’s 3 Striped Adidas Shirt has posted a comment that reminded me of something I failed to mention; our style of play. I have been reliably informed that we have adopted a passing style similar in setup to Barcelona, with Flo playing in the ‘false 9’ position adopted by Messi. Of course our players don’t have the same skills as the Barca players but there is nothing wrong with nicking their tactics.

After Flo, the most important signing we made was Richard O’Kelly as Dean Smith’s right-hand man. He was at Doncaster with Sean O’Driscoll and oversaw a footballing revolution there which proved lower league teams can play attractive football and win as well. Let’s hope he can do the same for the Saddlers.


2 thoughts on “Season 2012-2013 Preview

  1. Well Deano has got the numbers back up! We are still short of a couple of players mind so let’s see what happens. Never known a summer quite like it for new faces! What I have seen in the friendlies and last Saturday v. Brentford we are going to be a good passing side this season.Bring on Donny.

  2. Far more optimistic than last season definitely, Brentford was a good stepping stone for the season, play it on the deck and we should be OK, very small but quick, skilful side, still would say sign a presence up top personally but that’s obviously up to Dean Smith and whether he feels the need to peruse this.

    reason why we shouldn’t back the lads massively instead of the usual doom and gloom around the ground and on message boards, back the lads, turn out in numbers – who knows what could happen.

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