BBC get the Bescot Buzz

I moved out my flat a couple of weeks ago and moved in with ‘er indoors. The joy of seeing a loved one every day was slightly tempered because she doesn’t have Sky Sports meaning I would miss watching Barcelona play in La Liga. I needn’t have worried too much though as Walsall have been playing like Barca this season.

Walsall’s new brand of exciting football has even got a mention at Auntie Beeb. Ignoring the fact that they think Andy Taylor is our captain, despite interviewing the proper skipper Andy Butler a few days before, then this is a very good article. What caught my eye was that we made 444 passes against Leyton Orient, which is a statistic that is in sharp contrast to our playing style of last season that involved whacking the ball up to John Macken.

I have seen us play some great football this season and I hope that we continue to do so despite our recent run of defeats. Even though we have lost four of the six games I have seen us play, I haven’t been upset by our style of play at all. We scored two belters against Pompey and at Bournemouth a couple of weeks ago we were the parents of the game, keeping Bournemouth in control and doing what we like, treating the opposition like they were a minor annoyance.  Against Shrewsbury we really were unlucky to lose that one as we created some great chances and they hardly had any, yet managed to score. Them’s the breaks…

I want to amend some earlier comments I made in previous match reports. Baxendale doesn’t play as a holding midfielder at all. All the grafting in midfield is done by Featherstone, with the other midfielders creating for either Bowerman on his own up front or sometimes Grigg as well. The buzz is back at the Bescot and long may it continue.