Liverpool 2 Walsall 2

It was 30 years ago today (on February 7th) when Buckley took the boys to play*

Liverpool 2 Walsall 2

Who would have thought that little old Walsall could hold a mighty team like Liverpool – who were then the reigning European champions – to a draw at Anfield. Well we did.

My memories of this event are sparse. I never went but I do have a vague recollection of a few shops in the town centre doing ‘Walsall for the Cup’ window displays.

Anyways, the Saddlers Club are staging a 30 year anniversary of this event with all the players who took part being invited, a meal of pie, chips and peas and a full screening of one of Walsall’s greatest ever nights. All for £7.50. Get in!

More details are on their Facebook page:

*sung to the tune of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band minus the bit in brackets.







SaddlersPlayer – Walsall v Brentford

On Tuesday night I set my alarm for 2.45 in the morning to listen to coverage of Walsall v Oldham. Two hours later I was still waiting for the coverage to start. Not only that but the text commentary they provided was pants.

I wrote a complaint to the providers. Here it is in full:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Walsall v Oldham wasn’t available on Saddlersplayer for some reason. Can you please make sure it doesn’t happen again. All the other games were ok, just this one. I received no apology for this. The absence of the commentary forced me to watch for text updates. This was poor. At about 30 minutes it claimed that Sam Mantom had scored – his shot went wide. In the 93rd minute you commentated that Oldham had got a penalty. There was no commentary as to the result of that penalty. 


Here is the reply:

Hi Gilbert,

Thank you for your email.

Apologies for the issues you’ve faced during the previous commentary. Our technical team is working at the server end and the upcoming games will be monitored closely so that we can avoid any such issues.

Best regards,


Customer Services

Normal service has been resumed and now I am listening to the match against Brentford and all seems well apart from Brentford just taking the lead. Mick Kearns is the co-commentator with some other bloke (Phil?) I didn’t catch the name of but who is quite good. What I do find embarrassing is the constant plugging of the Bonser Suite and the club’s business adventures. Examples include:

‘Decades Disco Party Night. Join our Resident DJ for this brilliant disco party night, with music throughout the decades, from the Swingin’ 60s to the present day. Tickets still available at £5 by the way Clayton Donaldson has just scored for Brentford’ the commentator almost stated.

Mick Kearns informed all the listeners that ‘I have never had a meal at the Bonser Suite but I get plenty of people telling me how good it is. We just missed a fine save by O’Donnell’.

‘Free room hire, twenty function rooms, for details email….’

GOAL!!!! 11 goals so far this season for Westcarr. Mick Kearns: ‘Go and make things happen. Go and make Dean’s team talk a bit different’.

When it gets to half-time there is a two minute chat and then 10 minutes of silence. Surely they could do their plugging here? But maybe Mick has to do his schmoozing during the interval.

‘Walsall can win this game. Just be positive’. Words of wisdom from Mr. Kearns. Grigg getting a few boos as he is substituted.

‘Oh dear. I thought that was going to be it,’ says Kearns as Westcarr misses a great chance.

‘Walsall the better team in the second half. Totally dominated it. Most of the game was played in the Brentford half. Not a bad result. A terrific match’.

Full time.

Thanks Mick and whatever your name is.