Roger Boli Interview

Wooohhh! Hold your horses, don’t get too excited. This interview won’t reveal too much, in fact, hardly anything at all. And therein lies its beauty.

Roger Boli is the scorer of Walsall’s greatest ever goal and that is official. I can’t be bothered to upload a video of him scoring that overhead kick but you can just type it into any internet search engine and you will be able to see it.

Go right to the end of that interview and you will hear Boli speak. From that you can gauge Boli’s first language isn’t English. Through reading many books that covers Boli’s time at Walsall (The Good the Bad and the Boozy, Wacka: Size isn’t Everything, Walsall FC: The Bescot Years)  it is established that Boli’s English never really improved after that early interview.

Anyways, enough of the rambling, what you have just read will be more relevant later on. I wanted to interview Boli about his famous goal and his time at Walsall. I know he is now a football agent (involved in the controversial deal surrounding Gael Kakuta and Chelsea) so I tried to get through to him that way. No response. I tried Facebook. Nothing. I tried Twitter and thought I was in luck until I read his Twitter bio and it is obviously a fake one. Eventually, I tried a well-known professional networking site and after forgetting about it for a few months I got accepted as a friend.

What follows is an exact transcript of that interview that took place over the course of three emails:

The Gilbert Alsop: 

Bonjour Roger,
Can you answer a few questions about your time at Walsall?
I can send them to you if you like – firstly though, is the overhead kick you scored against Southen United your best ever goal?

Roger Boli Football Agent.jpg

Roger Boli:

Hi gilbert how are you? Nice to speak with you.oh yeah he is! I will never forget this crazy goal and my first club in England and my first expérience. Big time time for me.

The Gilbert Alsop:

Are you still friends with anyone from Walsall – how about your team mate Jeff Peron?
Do you remember the Honda Civic that you were both given?
Did you enjoy living in the town of Walsall?
How is your life as a football agent?

Roger Boli:

Living out of the town.still agent.who is chief executive in walsall now and who is manager?

I remenber the honda of was very difficult at the begening.english drining

The Gilbert Alsop:

The manager is Dean Smith. The Chief Executive is Stefan Gamble.

Many thanks for the interview.

Roger Boli:

Dean Smith played With me not.

And there you have it, I told you not to get too excited didn’t I? All the spelling mistakes (including mine) and an irrelevant link have been deliberately included, so please don’t write in to complain.

Of course, If I hear any more from my new bestie then it will all be put on here.