Season Preview 2015/2016

Is anyone excited about this forthcoming season? What is there to look forward to? For me, the highlights are trips to Burton and Coventry so I can edge closer to completing the 92. Other than that there isn’t much, apart from the hope of a cup run.

I started this blog four years ago when I was travelling around Argentina watching the Copa America. In those four years the best time was our unsuccessful run towards the play-offs in 2012/13 with Paterson, Grigg and Brandy, but apart from a first trip to Wembley and an away win over Wolves there hasn’t been much to get excited about.

I’ll still be there for the Oldham game though. Is it a sense of duty that keeps me going? Optimism? Spending time with my friends and family? A chance to watch a good game of football? It’s probably a combination of all of those things and because I simply have nothing else better to do.

I’m not optimistic about the new season. There wasn’t enough goals last season and the pre-season (as yet) hasn’t shown that we have gone any way to addressing those problems. So I am going to take a guess at us finishing 16th.

There you go, I am bored to bits with all this crap now. Apart from the prediction it was an almost pointless post, one that lacked any real passion, direction, thought and skill. They said to me the more you write the better you will come, but, looking back on my old posts, I think I’ve actually got worse. Nobody reads this guff anyway but I refuse to sell my soul and start writing rude things about Wolves fans, they’re all just people after all and they only live a few miles from us so are more than likely more similar to us than you would believe. If I did make up jokes about them I would get loads more visitors but as it is my viewing figures are so low they make ITV Digital seem like a good idea. In a way I am happy that nobody reads this as I don’t think I’ll be able to cope with the fame, the pressure of having to write a good post every couple of days instead of haphazardly as I do now. I stand firm, resolutely my own man. Refusing all offers for adverts. Fighting the man. I could be the first ever blog that has been closed down by the Internet for taking up too much space and not attracting enough visitors. I keep going though. I keep going in the vague hope that something will turn. I’ll get my lucky break. Get my mojo back. Something will happen. Anything. Please.

Anyway, in case you missed it, 16th is my prediction.