Dynamo Demetriou – An Appreciation

Has there ever been a better Walsall right-back? I think not. For a long time I always had Wayne Evans as my favourite  but really I knew that Ian Brightwell was better and James Chambers for that matter. But did any of those contribute as much in attack as Jason? No, they did not. In fact, Jason scored more goals for Walsall in one season than all of them put together in their entire Walsall career. He even found time to score for Cyprus and send Wales to the Euro 2016. Blimey!

This is the reason that he will be the man we will miss the most this season (with the obvious exception of Bradshaw) as his displays last season were superb and you rarely see anyone influence the game from that position so much at our level. We have Kinsella and Edwards fighting for that place now but I am not optimistic about them being able to fill Demetriou’s boots as he gave so much to the team.

It wasn’t just scoring goals. It was creating chances and keeping the opposition occupied as well.He ended up with five assists (thanks to @saddlersstats for that information) to go with those four goals. He was a marked improvement on the decidely average Ben Purkiss who looked awful for Port Vale in a more advanced position in the last game of the season.

Demetriou had to be one of the fittest players at the club, bombing up and down that right side and forming an impressive partnership with Forde. He was defensively sound and had a streetwise side – being prepared to commit a foul for the team when necessary.

Witness the run and cross for Bradshaw to open the scoring at home against Fleetwood, the two different assists at Blackpool away, the tap in at home to Blackpool and the last minute winner against Gillingham and tell me that there has ever been a better Walsall right-back?

I am amazed that he hasn’t made a move to a bigger club but instead gone sideways to Southend. Good luck there Jason. I’m sure you will be pleased to know that you make it into my all time Walsall XI and it will take a hell of a player to dislodge you.