The recent Midlands Masters at the NIA brought me back to the wonderful West Midlands for the weekend, as it was an excuse to put on my sepia-tinted glasses and enjoy the retro cosiness of watching several Walsall legends put on the red shirt again.

The Walsall squad consisted of stalwarts, Chris Marsh and Darren Wrack, to those that had brief stints in front of the Gilbert Alsop like Lee Harper and John Hodge. There were glimpses of talent shown by all the players and despite defeats at the hands of the Wolves and the Baggies I went home happy after seeing some wonderful moments; a Chris Marsh step-over, a mazy John Hodge dribble and finally getting to witness Stuart Ryder in a Walsall shirt.

This tells you a bit about what this blog is all about. It is about the great moments supporting Walsall and is a celebration of life as a Walsall fan. It is not a competitor for the official site and neither is it a rival for the excellent UptheSaddlers. The Gilbert Alsop aims to concentrate on the positive side of being a Walsall fan and will not discuss the politics of the club or abuse neighbouring clubs.

I intend to get something on this site every week and this Saturday I am planning to do a serious interpretation of Dean Smith’s tactics in the style of Jonathan Wilson’s Inverting the Pyramid. As well as writing about Walsall FC I will also have another section called ‘other stuff’, where I will write about music, movies and well, other stuff not related to the Saddlers. Pretty soon there will be a tour diary from my recent trip to Argentina to watch the Copa America. Basically, if you read Guardian Sport then this site is for you. If you don’t then please try it anyway before forming an opinion.

Contributions are more than welcome and I am particularly looking for memories of previous Walsall pre-season tours, the fanzine Ninety Minutes from Europe, the Milk Cup run of 1984 and the Wonder Stuff concert at the Bescot Stadium. If I get a good enough response to this blog, I may set up a message board but for now you can contact me at this email address: thegilbertalsop@hotmail.co.uk

Thanks for reading.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Some good articles here. I enjoyed the read very much. I am a sad git cos I have been supporting Walsall for 49 years now.

  2. One fact about Gilbert Alsop I have never seen mentioned was the phenomenal scoring burst he enjoyed in the 5 league games Walsall played between April 8th and April 24th 1939. He scored in each of the 5 matches, a total of 16 goals in 17 days.
    These days 16 goals is a good season for a striker…..

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